Top #Ads of the Week: 1/6–1/11

Tl;dr: Cohh & Corsair, Myth & Epic Games, AdmiralBahroo & Iceborne
Top #Ads of the Week- 1:6–1:11

Only a couple weeks into 2020 and sponsored segments across streaming platforms are stronger than ever. However, last week’s top sponsored streams included only endemic brands whereas the the last few weeks featured some non-endemic brands that made headway in the industry. Stream Hatchet is here to analyze the peak moments of sponsored stream segments across the four major platforms and contextualize the successful campaigns.

At the top last week, CohhCarnage was responsible for a sponsored segment with ASUS, Corsair, and a few other sponsors while playing Monster Hunter World’s newest expansion, Iceborne. The stream generated a total of 80k hours watched; 8.3k hours higher than the next two highest sponsored segments combined. He was also able to hold a steady 10k average viewers across this session. To provide further context, CohhCarnage has one of the highest production values on Twitch. Because of this, there’s reason to believe that brands will be more likely to partner with CohhCarnage due to the quality of his streams and the way he represents his partners; a possible reason why he has so many. Moving forward, one can predict that brands will be more apt to run sponsored streams with those who have higher quality production, akin to running ads during the Super Bowl vs. ads on your local news station.

Next, TSM Myth reached 38k hours watched during his stream titled with his Epic Games creator code. With the new FTC regulations, content creators are required to put #ad or #sponsored on all pieces of sponsored content. To comply, Epic Games has enforced the use of #ad or #epicpartner when creators promote their own code; this includes stream titles as well. Although they aren’t typical sponsored streams, it still promotes both the Epic Games and content creator’s brand. Epic Games have developed a unique strategy that requires very little effort on their side to encourage using their products and store by creating the creator code system. Influencers everywhere are pushing their codes to get a slice of revenue when purchases are made through the Epic Games store. By having the influencers market the codes themselves, Epic spends next to nothing while benefiting from all the marketing. Expect creator codes to pop up across a variety of publisher stores in 2020.

Top #Ads of the Week- 1:6–1:11(2)

Lastly, AdmiralBahroo had the third highest hours watched across sponsored streams with 34k. He was the second streamer on the list partnered with Capcom to stream Monster Hunter World’s newest expansion last week. Capcom got their money’s worth of content as AdmiralBahroo held only one sponsored stream of MHW but ended up streaming the game every session over the entire week; amassing a total of 39 live hours streamed. For brands and publishers, finding the right partners to work with is incredibly important to organically grow and sustain a meaningful relationship. Influencers may agree to a sponsored segment or video but might just be in it for the money. Finding those that believe in the product and want to promote it to their audience without the sponsored streams are the hidden gems that should be sought after. The industry has seen marketing strategies that target the biggest streamers to promote a new launch but that viewership inevitably dissipates. Targeting streamers that fit the brand’s image, even though they may not be as popular, tends to generate stable content throughout the games lifespan.

Honorable mentions:

  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne streams held 53.8% of total hours watched across the top 5 streams.
  • Both Mongraal & TSM Myth were advertising their Epic Games Creator code in the top 10 and were responsible for 23.96% of total hours watched across the top 10.