Tesla was the most mentioned car brand on Twitch in November. Tesla was able to generate 207K Twitch chat mentions last month which was a 150% increase compared to October’s 83K chat mentions. This rise in Tesla mentions could have something to do with Tesla’s recall that was announced on November 21st which caused a spike of 14K messages. Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter also had a major impact. With Twitter and live streaming intertwined, the major changes coming to the platform has had a trickle effect into Tesla’s brand awareness on Twitch. 

Ferrari has maintained their position as the second most mentioned car brand for a second month in a row. Ferrari chat mentions once again decreased from 81K Mentions in October to 76K mentions in November marking their fourth continuous month of declining mentions. According to Forbes, consumers are recommending car buyers to choose mainstream auto brands over their luxury counterparts. 

BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda round out the top 5 generating 70K, 52K, and 39K mentions respectively. These three brands have made the shift into marketing in esports and gaming with activations in multiple different games like Rocket League, to League of Legends to Fortnite. 

In November, Honda Dream Lab hosted an NBA 2K23 Tournament featuring players from HBCUs. Honda has also become the official automaker for Esports Organization Team Liquid. Honda now owns Team Liquids naming sponsorship rights to the League of Legends team. 

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