A total of 2.45 billion hours of video game live streaming were watched across all major platforms in April 2022, down about 5% from March. The top games reflect similar patterns from Q1 as a whole, with a few changes.

GTA V still dominates live streaming with 167 million hours watched last month. The RPG has reigned for almost a full year as the top game in live streaming. It was only beaten out by League of Legends in January this year by a mere 20k hours watched. GTA V has remained relevant with the popularity of its roleplay servers among live streamers like No Pixel, Eclipse, and Mafia City.

League of Legends took the second top spot last month with 147 million hours watched. Almost a quarter of that was from esports events and the conclusion of many spring seasons like LCK and LCS.

Elden Ring Out of the Top 5

With the fading of Elden Ring from the top of the charts, Valorant and Apex Legends jumped several spots to third and fourth top games for April. They garnered 125 million and 90 million hours watched, respectively. Elden Ring is down 68% from March to about 51 million hours watched. It dropped 6 places from the 3rd to 9th most popular game in live streaming last month. Can it remain popular among viewers or will it drop out of the top 10 next month due to burnout?

Another change of note is the increase of mobile games in the top games chart this month. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang grew 21% to reach #6 and PUBG Mobile re-entered the chart with an almost 8% growth in hours watched this month. Mobile Legends saw almost a third of its hours watched from esports events last month, up 25% from March.

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