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TSM & Stream Hatchet in Game-Changing Partnership


Los Angeles, CA — (March 10, 2020) — TSM, the premier digital gaming platform that includes championship esports teams, leading global gaming influencers, and educational websites, today announced a robust new partnership with Stream Hatchet, a Torque Esports Company, to gain critical insights to video game streaming analytics. Stream Hatchet’s cross-platform measurement technology will help TSM to optimize their live streaming campaigns, providing comprehensive and critical reporting to brand partners and sponsors.

“We couldn’t be more excited to work with TSM. Their key influencers and esports teams rank as some of the highest amongst competitive game streaming properties globally,” says Jake Phillips, Chief Revenue Officer of Stream Hatchet. “Stream Hatchet will report on KPIs, providing TSM with the solid performance measurement and metrics the need and want to strategically guide, differentiate, and optimize their business.”

As one of the elite and most watched** esports organizations in the world, one of the many ways TSM differentiates itself from others in the space is by consistently maintaining a diverse roster of players and influencers that target both competitive and casual audiences.

One of those elite streamers is ChocoTaco, a PUBG expert who reaches an average minute audience of just under 5,000 viewers. While Fortnite remains the leading title of the battle royale genre, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S: BATTLEGROUNDS continues to generate strong engagement in live streaming. In February 2020, PUBG fans watched 13.9M hours of content on Twitch. The game’s top streamer, ChocoTaco, accounted for 4% of the total Twitch hours watched.

“Partnering with Stream Hatchet is a no brainer,” says Brad Sive, Chief Revenue Officer of TSM. “As an organization, we pride ourselves on consistently providing our brand partners with actionable intel and data on campaign performance. We focus on transparency and ethical measurement, and Stream Hatchet helps us do just that — all in real time. We are able to provide a complete, accurate, and detailed picture to our partners, which sets us apart from the rest.”

Leveraging Stream Hatchet’s innovative and market-leading Business Intelligence platform, TSM will receive data and reports in real time. These metrics can include KPIs for players, influencers, events, and other performance factors critical to driving the most ROI for advertisers and sponsors. Access to these types of insights factor heavily in the organization’s future decision making as they continue to optimize and focus on growth and engagement with their audience.

“For 10 years, the name TSM has been synonymous with the best in performance, innovation, and winning,” says Torque CEO Darren Cox. “We are eager to explore synergies between TSM and the rest of our gaming and technology subsidiaries. We’re thrilled that Stream Hatchet continues to connect with the renowned leaders of the esports and gaming industry.”

About Stream Hatchet

Stream Hatchet is a data analytics measurement company focused on the video game and esports industries. Its technology and consulting services provide businesses granular audience data to inform go-to-market strategy, optimize influencer marketing campaigns, and value sponsorship ROI. The Torque Esports group of companies including streaming data analytics experts Stream Hatchet; esports gaming competition hosts UMG Gaming; esports racing simulator manufacturer, Allinsports; Gear.Club and F1 Mobile gaming development studio, Eden Games and the creators of the World’s Fastest Gamer competition, IDEAS+CARS.Torque also recently revealed it was forming a three-way partnership with Frankly Media and WinView Games to create an integrated news, gaming, sports, and esports platform — Engine Media.

About TSM

TSM is an elite, gaming platform composed of championship esports teams, world-class influencers, and technology tools that allows entry level players all the way to professionals uplevel their game play. A platform of champions, the TSM mission is to keep striving for competitive excellence, creating engaging and entertaining content, and be an educational resource for the gaming community.

** March 2019 Stream Hatchet


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