Viewer and Player Correlation Report

Tl;dr: Our latest report features a data-driven look into the correlation between players and viewers of games.

Stream Hatchet is pleased to release our latest Viewership Correlation Report. Does increased viewership of a game on live streaming platforms cause a proportional growth in players? This report aims to analyze the hypothesis through data trends of monthly average viewers and monthly active players of certain games. 

Here are some key insights from two of the studies:

Final Fantasy XIV Online – Content Focused

Final Fantasy XIV Online had the strongest viewer and player correlation
Final Fantasy XIV is a popular MMORPG game with a devout fan base.
  • Out of all the sampled games, Final Fantasy XIV Online had the strongest correlation of average viewers to average players. 
  • While FFXIV has had consistently low viewership in years past, hardcore fans are still tuning into streams; providing possible reasons for the correlation results.
  • The trend of free-to-play games will likely skew correlations even higher since there are fewer barriers between viewing and playing

Rainbow Six Seige – Esports Focused

Rainbow Six Seige correlation between players an viewers is less correlated
Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person, tactical shooter with a franchised esports league structure.
  • Out of all the sampled titles with an esports presence, R6S had the highest correlation between the two variables.
  • While the average viewers and average players of R6S tend to rise and fall together, the game’s esports events sometimes skew the results.
  • Recenty, however, a new trend for R6S in which viewership and number of players are not as tightly correlated may have arrived.

Download Stream Hatchet’s Viewership Correlation Report to get a more in-depth look at these unique case studies.