This week, Stream Hatchet summarizes minute-level activity on Twitch across 2020. Every minute on Twitch carries a plethora of data about chat messages, viewership, subscriptions, and more. The above graphic provides a look into user behavior during a turbulent year of growth for the live streaming industry. 

  • Nearly 35K hours of content were watched each minute on Twitch in 2020 with a large portion coming from gaming categories. However, Twitch continued to foster non-gaming content resulting in over 5K hours watched every minute. 
  • With the value proposition of a free Twitch subscription via Prime Gaming, almost half of the 159 channel subscriptions every minute were Prime. 
  • Chatting capabilities are often differentiators to watch live streams over linear content. The Twitch audience were heavy users of the chat tool within the platform by sending over 98K messages each minute in 2020.