#Ads of the Week: August 22nd – 29th, 2021

Tl;dr: The latest #Ads of the Week featuring TimTheTatman, shroud, and Fextralife in partnership with Current, Zero Hour, and Splitgate!
#Ads of the Week: August 22nd - 29th, 2021

The top #Ads of the Week from August 22nd-29th featured top streamers like TimTheTatman and shroud in partnership with both endemic and non-endemic brands. Companies wanting to activate in the gaming and live streaming space are continuing to leverage influencer marketing as a successful strategy to reach large audiences. The challenge often comes with unique campaigns that create a lasting impact on the viewers. While new game releases can easily showcase gameplay, other types of companies may need to be more creative.

The top #ad last week was a sponsored stream for Current on TimTheTatman’s channel. Current is a banking service and financial technology company aimed at making banking and mobile banking easier. By working with Tim and addressing the gaming and live streaming market, Current has stepped into the arena to take on other financial service companies already activating in the industry. Mastercard has been working with Riot Games for years, Visa has created various programs and partnerships, and even J.P. Morgan Chase entered the NBA 2K League back in 2019. Current will need to be unique to attract potential customers but working with top streamers will definitely create brand affinity.

Next, shroud partnered with Zero Hour, a new free-to-play tactical FPS available on Steam. Games looking to reach the competitive FPS market often turn to shroud as he’s widely considered one of the best. Using shroud’s enormous reach and skilled gameplay make for a compelling first impression of games. Zero Hour has an uphill battle if it’s going to reach the pinnacle of tactical FPS games. VALORANT, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six: Siege already own a majority of the genre’s viewership. But, if there was anyone that could drive new players for a game (like he did with Battalion 1944), it would be shroud.

Lastly, Fextralife worked with Splitgate for a sponsored stream promoting Season 0 of the new “Halo Meets Portal” shooter. The game generated some initial hype after cross-play was enabled but the dense FPS market may overshadow the game in weeks to come, especially with Halo Infinite releasing later this year. Keep an eye out for Splitgate continuing to work with streamers to steal market share from other titles.

TimTheTatman x Current

  • TimTheTatman generated 203K hours watched with a peak of 47K viewers during the Current sponsored stream.

shroud x Zero Hour

  • shroud’s Zero Hour stream reached 66K hours watched while averaging 22K viewers over the course of 3 hours.

Fextralife x Splitgate

  • Fextralife rounded out the top three with 56K hours watched and a peak of 15K viewers during the Splitgate sponsored segment.

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