#Ads of the Week: December 14th – December 20th

Tl;dr: NICKMERCS dominated the sponsored segments as Spellbreak also took home two of the top three spots.

Spellbreak, a new fantasy action spellcasting game, claimed two of the most popular sponsored segments last week. Like many games that have come before it, Spellbreak is leveraging big streamers to generate awareness and interest. While there is sometimes a unique campaign included, showcasing gameplay is often one of the best strategies a new game can implement in the hype around its launch. NICKMERCS and Mizkif have been two of the most popular streamers of 2020 which makes the simple sponsored segment incredibly easy yet powerful. Additionally, Dietz & Watson also worked with NICKMERCS for another #ad while the streamer was playing Call Of Duty: Warzone.

NICKMERCS x Spellbreak

  • The 4 hour stream totaled over 142K hours watched while reaching an average audience of 34K viewers.

NICKMERCS x Dietz & Watson

  • Nick’s other sponsored segment last week lasted 2.5 hours, generated 136K hours watched, and reached a peak of 60K viewers.

Mizkif x Spellbreak

  • Mizkif had an extended segment lasting 6 hours which turned an average of 16K viewers into 97K total hours watched.