Dead Space Remake First Week Generates 10M Hours Watched

In the first week of the Dead Space remake release the game accumulated a total of 10.3M hours watched across major streaming platforms and reached #5 in the live streaming charts on the second day of its release. 

On this day it also surpassed Minecraft in the live streaming charts for Action-Adventure games with 3.2M hours watched, coming in second behind only Grand Theft Auto V.

Dead Space Remake

While keeping the same name, the remake also holds on to the main plot line of the original game from 2008, published by Electronic Arts. The new release has additions like new side quests from characters and an extra ‘Story Mode’ difficulty level. 

The remake excited fans with live streaming viewership peaking at almost 300K in the game’s first week after its release on Jan 27th. It averaged 63K viewers during this first week and channels streaming the game racked up 203.7K hours in airtime.

Prior to the release of the remake, the game wasn’t receiving the same attention or viewership. For the week previous to its release, there were only 77K hours watched for the 2008 forerunner. 

Besides incredible animation advancements, changes that may have viewers interested include improvements of the game’s weapons with alternative firing modes. The protagonist, Isaac Clarke, also was developed from a silent character in the 2008 original into a character with dialogue in the remake with the return of Gunner Wright as the voice of the character in all 4 of the games.

Top Livestreaming Channels

The English-speaking channel FextraLife generated almost 300K hours watched for Dead Space on Twitch and was the top channel live streaming the game in the remake’s first week of release. They also had the highest peak viewership of any channel with 25K viewers tuning in.

MOONMOON came in second with over 280K hours watched. The remaining channels on the leaderboard all managed to produce around 200K hours watched, including LIRIK, alanzoka, and Elajjaz. 

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