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Elden Ring Release Live-Streaming Results

Graph of the top 5 Elden Ring streamers. XQcOW took top spot with 3 million hours watched.

Elden Ring, the newest action RPG from FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, has received critical acclaim in its first week of release. Similar to the Souls series and Bloodborne from the same creators, the game was designed in collaboration with fantasy writer George R. R. Martin. The game has been praised for its gameplay and open world design, though it received minor criticism for its PC performance. 

Despite some slight technical hiccups, Elden Ring still had an all-time peak of 823,523 concurrent players on Steam. It placed 7th in Steamchart’s all-time game records, not quite reaching the same level of popularity as the recent release of Lost Ark last month.

Live streaming was no different in popularity. In the first five days of its release, Elden Ring saw a total of 65.1 million hours watched across all platforms, with a peak of just over 1 million concurrent viewers. About 89% of these views came from Twitch, with about 10.6% from YouTube Gaming and the remaining from Facebook Gaming. 

Elden Ring has seen similar live streaming popularity to releases in the last six months like New World and Lost Ark, which received about 62 million and 66 million hours watched in their first week of release, respectively. 

The top 5 Elden Ring streamers have garnered about 7.5 million hours watched in the first 5 days of release. XQcOW had about 40% of that total with just over 3 million hours watched. He also hit a peak concurrent viewership of just under 100k. 

Fextralife took the number 2 spot with 1.48 million hours watched and a peak concurrent viewership of 95k. Sylishnoob4 came in a close 3rd place with 1.17 million hours watched. Windswept 풍월량 and Asmongold took the next spots with 927k and 917k hours watched, respectively. 

It will be interesting to track the performance of Elden Ring as the weeks go on. The MMORPG Lost Ark, released about a month ago, has maintained popularity in streaming viewership and still tops Steam Charts. Can Elden Ring, which has been described as even more difficult than the Dark Souls games, keep up or will its popularity bubble burst?

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