GVC Top Ten: 1/27–2/2

Tl;dr: League takes the top, Fortnite & GTA V take the top with shrinking audiences

Last week’s most watched games across Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook were comprised with many familiar titles. Standouts included League of Legends, CS:GO, and most notably, World of Warcraft. WoW was able to grow over 140% and almost reached the top five following the kick-off of the Race to World First event. However, no game came close to the most watched title of last week.

League of Legends continues to dominate the live streaming landscape as the game almost reached 33 million hours watched after an increase of 8.51%. The second week of the LCS and LEC were likely main contributors to the growth but many content creators have been jumping into the game to feed off the LoL hype. League of Legends will definitely retain its top spot in weeks to come but will likely see a small dip as the LCS and LEC progress through the season. But when the playoffs for the Spring split come around, expect a huge jump in viewership.

Fortnite secured second place with just over half of LoL’s hours watched with about 17.3 million; a decrease of 6.63%. Fortnite has solidified its place near the top of the list but will need major esports tournaments to make the push for first place. That being said, the new season should be approaching soon which will likely give the game a nice boost. Fortnite remains the most popular battle royale on NA streaming sites but a few titles could make plays to steal the spotlight.

GTA V slid into third place even though the game dropped 5.10% to about 16.3 million hours watched. In terms of open-world games, GTA V is highly regarded as the best ever; and the proof is in the pudding. The next closest open-world game is Minecraft which generated less than 9 million hours watched — a difference of over 7 million between the two. On top of that, GTA V has had seven years to be dethroned but no one seems to be able to topple the giant as of late. The constant innovation from both GTA V and the content creators has created a plethora of gameplay options leading to sustainable viewership.

Game Genres:

  • MOBA: 1 (League of Legends)
  • Battle Royale: 4 (Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, PUBG)
  • Open-World: 2 (GTA V, Minecraft)
  • FPS: 2 (Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO)
  • MMORPG: 1 (World of Warcraft)

Mobile vs. Non-Mobile:

  • Mobile: 2
  • Non-Mobile: 8*

*Games like Fortnite and Minecraft have mobile compatibility but are largely considered non-mobile titles.