GVC Top Ten: 2/3–2/9

Tl;dr: League continues to reign king and increases across the board. Decline of Escape from Tarkov, World of Warcraft, and Garena Free Fire.

The most watched games on North American streaming platforms remained relatively stagnant from the previous week. However, a few games like made noticeable leaps to climb into the top ten. Even with some jostling of positions, League of Legends, GTA V, and Fortnite retained their spots at the top of the list.

League of Legends continues to dominate the streaming world as Week 2 of the LCS and LEC generated substantial viewership. Up 17.23%, LoL almost reached 40 million hours watched in a single week; a milestone they might reach in a few weeks. Riot Games’ gem accumulated more hours watched than the second and third place games combined last week and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. The rest of the titles are simply playing for a silver medal.

In second was GTA V with an increase of 18.78% to almost 20 million hours watched. GTA V’s consistency to generate millions of hours watched every week is remarkable considering they don’t have an esports scene to fall back on. Their success is carried by a genuinely entertaining game with ample content to produce. The game remains an anomaly in today’s industry as many games are turning to esports to stay alive and carve out their market share but GTA V continues to beat to their own drum. Hopefully, GTA V will remain at the top of the list as content creators keep streaming the 7-year-old game.

Fortnite rounded out the top three with over 17 million hours watched but had rather neutral growth at just 0.24%. However, that should change as Chapter 2 Season 2 is about one week away and will surely be responsible for increased viewership. Until then, Fortnite will continue to be the most watched battle royale game unless PUBG Mobile can surge a little more to take its spot. Stay tuned to see if Fortnite’s new season can keep them on top of the other battle royales.

Game Genres:

  • Battle Royale: 4 (Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, Garena Free Fire)
  • MOBA: 2 (League of Legends, Dota 2)
  • FPS: 2 (Escape from Tarkov, CS:GO)
  • Open World: 1 (GTA V)
  • MMORPG: 1 (World of Warcraft)

Mobile vs. Non-Mobile:

  • Mobile: 2
  • Non-Mobile: 8*

*Games like Fortnite have mobile compatibility but are largely considered non-mobile titles.