New Year’s Eve Surprise: Las Campanadas by Ibai Llanos

A Different Kind of Success

The Campanadas 2024, Ibai Llanos New Year’s Eve live-stream, a much-anticipated event in the streaming calendar, presented a different narrative this year. While the viewership peaked at 279K and averaged 138K, these numbers, though lower than previous editions, still mark the event as a significant success in the creator-led space. It’s important to understand the context behind these figures to appreciate the true impact of the event.

Ibai was accompanied by popular Spanish creators TheGrefg and Djmariio, as well as TikTok creator Noe. The combination of both Ibai and TheGrefg was a big surprise for the community, since both have created a rivalry online. This was one of the few events, if not the only, where both creators shared the screen. The event consisted of all the hosts sharing stories and highlights of 2023, while counting down the last moments of the year and engaging in the Hispanic tradition of eating 12 grapes after 12.

Understanding the Viewership Dynamics

The decline in viewership numbers can be partially attributed to the evolving nature of audiences on Twitch. As streaming becomes a more commonplace part of our digital lives, audience behaviors and patterns are normalizing. Additionally, for special events like Ibai’s livestream, it’s common for groups to gather and watch together on a single device. Our estimates suggest an average of 3 viewers per device, a factor not captured in viewership metrics.

Alsa Generates 39M Brand Impressions on Ibai’s New Year’s Eve

Despite the shift in viewership numbers, the event’s sponsoring brands – Alsa, PortAventura World, and Grefusa generated millions of impressions. These Spanish brands achieved extraordinary visibility, with chat mentions on the channel reaching impressive numbers. Alsa led with 38 million impressions, followed by Portaventura World with 29 million, and Grefusa with 20 million.

Chat Mentions: A Goldmine for Brands

The significance of chat mentions during live streams cannot be overstated. They represent a new frontier in digital marketing, offering real-time engagement and visibility among highly engaged audiences. The impressive number of impressions for the sponsoring brands demonstrates the power of strategic brand placement and activations in the context of live streaming.

The Power of Campaigns

Ibai’s New Year’s Eve stream showcases the opportunity for brands to be part of the creator economy, where success is measured not just by viewership numbers but by the depth of audience engagement and activations measurement. Brands can measure success through not only viewership numbers but also the depth of audience engagement and brand integration in these interactive pieces of entertainment.

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