This weeks #ads of the week features two sponsors; NordVPN and Multiversus

NordVPN generated not one, but two of the most watched sponsored streams this week. Nord teamed up with both Knut & Sinatraa, to increase the brand awareness of their software, through a combination of onscreen banners and Twitch chat bots.

NordVPN licenses software to help consumers browse the internet safely. While their VPN service is their flagship product, they also offer password management & document storage, to help consumers keep their personal data lock tight. Gamers are great target customers for software companies like NordVPN. According to YouGov, gamers are more likely to be early adopters of tech than their counterparts. 

Knut is a popular Twitch fitness streamer from Norway & Sinatraa is a former esports pro who is affiliated with the professional team Sentinels. While Knut appeals to a more general Twitch audience focused around IRL content, Sinatraa is a highly skilled VALORANT streamer who appeals more to hardcore gamers. 

MultiVersus, takes the spot as the 2nd most watched sponsored stream this week. The Video Game is a platform fighter, emulating Super Smash Bros, that leverages the IP of Warner Bros. While the game was only released to beta in May 2022, it has already generated a total of 16.46M hours watched in streaming this year, and was the most watched fighting game in streaming last month. 

*Stream Hatchet July 2022

Working with prominent streamers has helped drive MultiVersus to the top of the charts. While this week’s sponsored stream was with Moistcr1tikal, the game has partnered up with HasanAbi, Ludwig & Jerma985, generating a total of 302k sponsored hours watched. 

Mutliversus leveraged Twitch Drops in partnership with many of these creators, and gave away a battle pass for watching the sponsored streams. Drops can be highly effective for game publishers looking to engage players. Not only do they provide the gamer a valuable reward which can get the player into the game in a more meaningful way, but they also force the player to watch a brand ambassador demo the game, often helping the player pick up mechanics faster than learning through trial and error. 

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