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Pokémon Twitch Cup 3: Empowering the Spanish Community

In the dynamic realm of Twitch, the Pokémon Twitch Cup 3 has emerged as a standout event, especially within the Spanish community. Led by seasoned Pokémon aficionado BarbeQ and pro player Sekiam, this tournament has not only captivated viewers but also set new benchmarks in terms of engagement and community involvement.

At its core, the event is a celebration of the Pokémon universe, bringing together 42 streamers, most of whom are mentored by a competitive Pokémon trainer. This unique format not only adds an educational layer to the event but also amplifies the competitive spirit, making it more than just a gaming tournament—it’s a learning experience and a showcase of strategic gameplay.

A New Milestone in Pokémon Streaming

The third installment of the Pokémon Twitch Cup has already outperformed 2022’s event viewership. This year, the Pokémon Twitch Cup 3 generated 1.7M hours watched on day one, up almost 30% from last year’s 1.3M. Moreover, peak viewers increased by 25%, as well as average viewers by 33%

This surge in viewership is attributed to the event’s hype created by the 2nd edition, giving the viewers amazing moments of their favorite creators. In addition, the Spanish creator community’s continued robust engagement with Pokemon content also helped to boost the event to the next level.

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