Race To World’s First: Viewership

Tl;dr: Co-Streams, Simulcasts, and Premium channels lead Complexity and Method to the Top of Twitch

One of the oldest and most influential game titles in streaming and esports is World of Warcraft. A unique aspect of the game’s social impact is the incorporation of PVE dungeon raids as a competitive experience.

This year, two esports organizations Method and Complexity hosted shoutcasting channels and influencer co-streams as severals guilds raced to be the first to finish the raid. Here are this week’s insights on the Race to World’s First:

  • While Complexity won the race, Method won the eyeballs: Method generated 70% of the total competition Hours Watched.
  • UGC vs Premium Broadcast: While co-streaming has emerged as a popular format for audiences to consume content, WoW viewers were focused primarily on premium (non-UGC) channels — 63% of the total audience.
  • Complexity UGC impact: While the larger audience watched primarily on premium channels, Complexity fans consumed most of their content through co-streams — 66% of the Complexity audience.

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