Speedrunning’s Marathon of Growth

Tl;dr: The trend of speedrunning games experienced huge growth across all major live-streaming platforms, with over 230K speedrun stream titles since 2019!
speedrunning's growth on live streaming platforms

As early as the ’90s, speedrunning has brought hard-core and casual gamers together to enjoy one thing: beating someone’s best time. A speedrun is a play-through of a whole video game or a selected part of it (such as a single level), played with the intention of completing it as fast as possible. Since 2019, there have been over 230K speedrun stream titles across Twitch, Youtube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. Mario 64, Dark Souls, and Minecraft are just some of the game titles that players often attempt. Additionally, organizations like Games Done Quick have popularized charity streaming among speedrunning while some streamers, like dream, have kickstarted incredibly successful careers from their runs. 

  • March of 2021 was the most popular month for speedruns, producing over 14K titles. Twitch streamer mistermv held a charity stream for Doctors of the World during this period. His speerunning streams generating 67K peak viewers.
  • Since August 11th, speedrunning channel RTAinJapan is the #1 channel across Twitch, YouTube Live Gaming, and Facebook Gaming. Currently, the Japaense Twitch channel has 5M hours watched.
  • As speedrunning continues to grow, more organizations and brands should take note of the retained success of organizations like Games Done Quick, creating a rising segment of gaming to reach new audiences.  


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