Dream streamed on both YouTube and Twitch, successfully reaching top 5 influencer peak viewers on each platform.

Dream has been one of the fastest growing content creators this year, largely playing Minecraft. He has amassed almost 12 million subscribers on YouTube and 2 million followers on Twitch. Because his presence is prominent on each platform, he has been using both to stream. However, his live viewership on YouTube has reached much higher metrics than on Twitch; most likely because that’s the platform that also houses his viral videos that launched his path to success earlier this year. Although Dream is leveraging both platforms, he could be next in line for an exclusive streaming deal if his channels continue to grow at their current rate.

  • Dream reached the highest peak audience for an individual’s channel (not associated with a company or league) on YouTube last week with 384K viewers. Based on the same criteria, he was also fourth on Twitch last week with 156K viewers.
  • In aggregate, Dream generated over 1M hours watched in just over 5 hours of airtime between the two platforms.
  • Dream often stream Minecraft and was the speedrun world record holder multiple times for the game but has begun to branch out into other titles as well.