This Week’s Meta: Lando Norris

TL;DR: Lando Norris was 3rd in total F1 2019 Hours Watched across all platforms and also placed 3rd in the Austrian Grand Prix on 7/5/2020.

In our new content series, This Week’s Meta, we analyzed Lando Norris’ streaming career on Twitch. In Q2 of 2020, he was responsible for 5% of the total F1 2019 hours watched across all platforms. Additionally, he generated 3.6M hours watched since his first Twitch stream dating back to 5/7/2018. Lando Norris continues to excel in both his streaming and racing career as he placed 3rd at the recent Austrian Grand Prix – the youngest Brit to reach the podium of an F1 event at 20 years old.

Sustained Growth
– Lando Norris’ F1 2019 content grew 12% in hours watched from Q1 to Q2 in 2020.

3rd in Hours Watched, but 2nd in Peak CCV
– Even though he was 3rd in hours watched, Lando Norris was 2nd in Peak CCV (78.6k viewers) across all platforms.