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2023’s Top 10 Female Streamers

The Top Female 10 streamers, based on average viewers, have set new standards in content creation, community engagement, and cross-cultural appeal. Let’s take a closer look at these digital dynamos who captivated audiences worldwide.


Samy Rivera tops the chart with an impressive 23K average viewers. She fought twice in ‘La Velada del Año 3’, her teams PIO FC and  participated in the Kings and Queens League, winning the Queens League, and being crowned ‘Streamer of the Year’ at the Esports Awards underscores her phenomenal year.


Emiru, one of OTK’s owners, claims the second spot with 16K average viewers. Her diverse content, including participation in OTK events such as the OTK Wild West and World of Warcraft streams, highlights her versatile appeal.


JenFoxxx stands at number 3 with 11K average viewers, thanks to her engaging Just Chatting streams and action-adventure gameplay. Her ability to blend genres has made her a favorite among fans.


Valkyrae, the queen of YouTube and co-owner of 100 Thieves, sustained a strong community with 10K average viewers. Her long-standing presence in the streaming world continues to draw fans.

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