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Top 10 Sponsored Streams by Brand for February

Brands are finding powerful new ways to reach consumers by tapping into the audience of well-known streamers. Streamers have trust with their fans that can’t be matched by other marketing strategies, making even small sponsored streams incredibly powerful for creating brand awareness and building faith with consumers.

Here are the top ten sponsored streams by brand for February 2024:

Jynxzi – Rainbow Six Siege Invitational

As the most popular breakthrough streamer of last year, Jynxzi’s fans are highly loyal and eager for content. Ubisoft noticed this and pounced, paying Jynxzi to co-stream February’s Rainbow Six Siege Invitational. The strategy paid dividends: Jynxzi’s co-streams generated 1.1M hours watched in total from just 12 hours of streaming, contributing 32% of all co-streaming viewership. As seen above, the most popular of these streams generated 533K hours watched alone.

Kai Cenat – air up

Kai Cenat’s IRL streams are hitting record highs, featuring variety content to keep fans on their toes. Last month’s scavenger hunt stream pit players against one another in a scramble to find household objects before time ran out, garnering 317K hours watched. Flavored water company “air up” sponsored the stream, which hit 100K peak viewers. This has been a lucrative ongoing partnership for the brand, with Kai Cenat landing in the top 10 streamers for February.

Elxokas – Nightingale

Nightingale is a new survival PvE game set in a gaslamp victorian-era world with light RPG elements. Survival games have long performed well on streaming, such as Rust and Escape from Tarkov. Elxokas collaborated with Rubius and VEGETTA777 to play through Nightingale for the first time. This was a great sponsorship deal for Nightingale‘s publishers, with Elxokas pulling in 120K hours watched on the stream.

Zizaran – Displates

Zizaran made his name playing Diablo-like action RPGs like Path of Exile and, more recently, Last Epoch. But in a massive 12-hour stream, Zizaran played a base-building sandbox game called StarForge. The stream generated 112K hours watched, a lucky hit for his long-time sponsor Displate – the maker of metal wall hangings featuring designs from pop culture to artwork.

Zackrawrr – Islands of Insight

Zackrawrr is a household name in the streaming community, also known as Asmongold. zackrawrr’s recent stream covering the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC was the most popular coverage of the topic, but it was unsponsored. His largest sponsored stream, with 112K hours watched, was for a new game called Islands of Insight: A shared world puzzle game inspired by games like Myst which released on the 13th of February.

Maximilian_DOOD – Persona 3 Reload

Maximillian_DOOD gained recognition for his skill in fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but has recently shifted into covering new JRPG releases for sponsored streams. The most popular of these was Persona 3: Reload, a reimagining of the classic Persona 3. With 1.3M subscribers on Twitch, this was a great way to get new eyes onto the series. This one stream alone brought in 92K hours watched.

Blackoutz – ExitLag

Brazilian streamer blackoutz is best known for his esports endeavors, playing Fortnite competitively. It makes sense then that he’s sponsored by ExitLag: A service designed to reduce server lag and help esports players take advantage of every edge they can get. Blackoutz’s sponsored stream for the Fortnite Champion Series 2024 generated a peak viewership of 31K.

Maximilian_DOOD – Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Another of Maximilian_DOOD’s sponsored JRPG streams cracked into the top ten in February, this time covering the new release Granblue Fantasy: Relink. This is the sequel to the original 2014 title Granblue Fantasy, following on from the series’ spin-off titles (subtitled “Versus”). Granblue Fantasy: Relink was mega popular among Japanese Vtubers and consumers alike, shipping 1M copies in the first two weeks of its release. Understandably then, Maximilian_DOOD’s stream garnered an impressive 87K hours watched.

Hype – MediaMarkt

Hype is the only non-Twitch streamer on this list, having made the switch to Kick following the series of bans on streaming platforms that hit Turkiye in February. His sponsored stream brought in 86K hours watched with a mix of content, from League of Legends to reality TV commentary. The diverse range of topics suits Hype’s sponsor, MediaMarkt: An all-purpose electronics store originally based out of Germany.

Thebausffs – Blitz

Thebausffs is a Swedish esports player who played for Berlin International Gaming back in 2020. He still commits himself to League of Legends streaming full time, providing commentary to help his fans improve their game. His sponsor, Blitz, is the perfect partner in this mission: is an online service providing analytics on matches, recommended builds and so on. For example in League of Legends, Blitz gives statistics on which champions are performing well in the current meta.

Games sponsorships are still the most popular types of promotions on Twitch, given that viewers are most likely also interested in the gaming community. But exceptions like air up finding their niche with IRL streamer Kai Cenat prove that more brands could and should be leveraging the power of influencers in the streaming space.

To keep up to date on the biggest sponsorship opportunities in streaming, follow Stream Hatchet:

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