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Top 10 Streamers for February

February was a massive month for the streaming community. The Streamer Awards and Esland Awards for the English and Spanish-speaking communities respectively honored some of the best channels for the past year, emphasizing the shifting landscape of the industry. In esports, the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational hit record highs, marking esports’ continued growth as an entertainment medium.


Jynxzi has risen to the top of the chart in February, with an average minute viewership (AMA) of 93K – that’s 20K more than second place. Jynxzi’s continued growth over the past 6-8 months is largely thanks to his co-stream of the Six Invitational, for which he brought in almost a third of all viewership from co-streamers.


N3on is a surprise entry in second place, edging out the streamer that brought him to attention back in May of 2023, AdinRoss. Their friendship has soured over the past few months, with calls for the two to “settle their beef in the ring” – a common go-to request as the demand for boxing matches between influencers continues to grow.


Auronplay is a legacy steamer, maintaining his popularity since the early days of his YouTube reaction videos and his more recent GTA V RPs. His more casual variety Just Chatting streams in February enabled him to keep attracting viewers, propelling him to become the Spanish channel with the highest AMA.


Although n3on pipped him for the highest AMA on Kick (69K vs. 66K), AdinRoss remains a mainstay for popular streamers. AdinRoss hit the highest peak viewers out of every streamer on the list, with 485K peak viewers for his much-hyped stream collaboration with rapper Playboi Carti.


Caseoh_ continues to rise up the rankings, thanks in part to his frequent collaborations with Jynxzi. Having risen to fame initially with NBA 2K13 and an array of horror games, caseoh_ has pulled into the top 5 for the first time while nearly breaking 60K AMA for February, with his co-streams for the Six invitational and The Streamer Awards giving a boost to his numbers.


Ibai may be in 6th by AMA for February, but his peak viewership (322K) and hours watched (6.8M) both place him on the podium for this month. Ibai is one of the biggest names in esports streaming: As owner of MAD Lions KOI, his co-streams for League of Legends and Valorant pull in consistent viewership for his expert analysis.


KaiCenat is the cool guy of the streaming world, hanging out with superstars like Nicki Minaj for dance battles. When Super Bowl LVIII came around this February, KaiCenat was there to dance with Usher while covering the whole event on his stream. Along with his recent sponsorship by Nike, KaiCenat remains the man to beat in the non-gaming space.


Mellstroy271 is primarily known for his gambling streams and the wave of controversy that followed abuse allegations back in 2020. He is representative of a larger trend in Russian streaming called “trash streaming”, in which streamers take part in dangerous acts or bizarre behavior for views.


IShowSpeed is the only YouTube Gaming streamer to crack the top 10. His success is built upon his IRL streams, such as his February stream at Brazil Carnival. Impressively, IShowSpeed was able to earn his place with by far the least hours streamed at just 43K.


Another Russian streamer breaking into the top 10, Nix is the top Dota 2 streamer on Twitch. His singular strategy of streaming just one type of content bucks the trend for this list, with other streamers hosting variety content (mostly under the Just Chatting label on Twitch).

The top 10 streamers are part of a worshiping culture that continues in February, with fans following their favorite creators regardless of the games they’re playing. Personal insights on current events, particularly live events such as the Super Bowl and Six Invitational, are the big drawcards for viewers. Heading into March, Stream Hatchet will be keeping an eye on unfolding events to see which streamers are providing the most popular commentary.

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