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Discover the Top 5 Art Live Streamers on Twitch

While Twitch has become categorized as a gaming focused platform, there are many other creatives who find value in being able to live stream their work and their processes to their community. Some streamers have used Twitch as an outlet to showcase creations like fashion, cosplay, or art. Here are the top 5 artists under the Art category of Twitch for December 2022. 

Bob Ross

The most watched channel in December was the BobRoss channel. This channel features past broadcasts of the late Robert Norman “Bob” Ross, who televised his art lessons on PBS. The Bob Ross channel was able to generate 458K hours watched in December which accounts for over half of the top 5’s watchtime last month. 


December’s runner-up was Italian V-Tuber DyaRikku. DyaRikku is a freelance artist/illustrator as well as a  2-D modeler. While Dya does primarily stream art content, she also plays a variety of games like Ori And The Blind Forest, Beat Saber, and Bendy & the Ink Machine. All together Dya was able to generate a total of 486K hours watched with 146K of those hours being in the Art Category. 


The third most watched channel in the Art category was JuanSGuarnizo. Juan is a Spanish speaking influencer who is not only part of the KOI team founded by popular streamer Ibai, he holds a massive following with 6M YouTube subscribers and 9.6M Twitch followers. Although Juan streamed under the Art Category once in December, his massive audience was able to propel him to #3 on our leaderboard with 121K hours watched. 


갱생레바 is a Korean speaking streamer who sketches on stream for his viewers whenever he’s not playing Dungeon Fighter Online. For December, 갱생레바 was able to generate 85K hours watched for his art streams, and 72K hours watched for Dungeon Fighter Online. 
The Yogscast channel rounds out the top 5 for December with 74K hours watched under the Art category. In December Yogscast hosted their JingleJam 2022 which is a multi-day charity event where viewers are able to donate to support several charities. In 2022 the channel raised £3.4M.

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