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Top Beer Brands Mentioned on Twitch June 17th – 23rd, 2021

With summer officially started and Covid restrictions lifting, alcoholic beverage companies are expanding their digital marketing campaigns. Stream Hatchet examined the top beer brands mentioned in Twitch chat over the past 7 days. Beer brands, similar to energy drink companies, recognize the rapidly-growing marketing opportunities live streaming platforms present. Stream Hatchet’s recent Brands Leading in Gaming and Esports report noted that sponsored video game live streams have increased upwards of 99% since 2020. Additionally, as live streaming becomes more mainstream, beer brands are utilizing influencer lifestyles to enhance their marketing strategy. A great example of this utilization is the February 2021 partnership announcement between North American esports organization Team Liquid and Bud Light, naming them the official beer of their League of Legends team. 

Non-sponsored content also helps build beer brand awareness. Just this week, popular Twitch streamer Ludwig provided his official beer tier list on stream. The stream garnered 20K hours watched with 19K peak viewers. A majority of the chat mentions for beer brands in the past 7 days were generated from his tier list stream.

More insights from the top mentioned beer brands on Twitch in the past 7 days:

  • Heineken generated the highest number of chat messages with 4.3K Twitch chat mentions. Ludwig’s Twitch stream placed Heineken in B tier.
  • Bud Light generated 3.3K chat mentions. Last week, TimTheTatman was the top #Ads of the Week with sponsor Bud Light.
  • Budweiser generated 1.6K chat mentions. Popular Brazilian streamer Gaules contributed 11% of the Budweiser chat mentions.

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