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Top Energy Drinks in Twitch Chat: February 2024

Note: This article was updated on 21/3/2024 and originally published on 12/10/2022

Energy drinks continue to pop up in Twitch chat discourse as users try to find the product that will keep them invigorated throughout long gameplay sessions. Since we last covered energy drinks on Twitch in September of 2022, mentions of these products have continued to rise thanks in large part to sponsored creators.

Red Bull continues to lead the way for energy drinks in streaming, with 189K unique mentions on Twitch for February. This is a significant growth of 41K mentions since September of 2022, reflecting Red Bull’s growing involvement in games and esports content. Just this month it hosted another edition of their Red Bull Kumite tournament, this time bringing together the top Street Fighter 6 players for a competition in New York. Red Bull also sponsors individual players, such as Rocket League player nolystic.

Monster Energy is closing the gap between themselves and Red Bull, now sitting at 156K chat mentions. Monster has been fully committed specifically to esports, throwing itself behind esports teams like Team Liquid and shouting out the achievements of players like StarCraft II ESL Masters 2023 finalist Clem. Monster has even featured its branding in popular games, like the recently released Monster skin for Call of Duty: Warzone.

HOLY Energy was a new entrant into the energy drinks space back in 2022, but since then it has undergone a rebranding and expansion into new markets. HOLY Energy can now be found in UK shops with a clean aesthetic inspired by 90’s culture. To back up this expansion, HOLY Energy sponsored UK-based esports organization Reason Gaming in 2024. This commercial success hasn’t translated into streaming awareness however, with HOLY Energy only generating 13K chat mentions on Twitch. However, HOLY Energy opened the way for a variety of clean alternatives to traditional energy drinks to enter the streaming space.

One such clean alternative is Gamer Supps: A supplement brand targeted exclusively at the online community with its “gamer speak” derived product names and edgy anime styling. Notably, Gamer Supps makes more than just energy drinks: It’s really more like a health food company. Its “AFK” range provides magnesium-boosted sleep support, and its “sus snacks” are Gamer Supps’ take on protein bars.

Although the company has been around since 2016, its newfound popularity may largely be due to popular Twitch streamer JSchlatt’s acquisition of Gamer Supps back in 2022. Gamer Supps has also found a new audience by sponsoring famous Vtubers like Fream and Rainhoe, keying into the fans most likely to respond to their anime aesthetic. This renewed push has seen Twitch chat mentions for Gamer Supps rise to 19.6K in February.

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