Top Live Stream Sessions March 2021

Tl;dr: The top live stream sessions of March 2021 featured Free Fire channels on YouTube Gaming and xQc on Twitch.
Top Sessions March 2021

This week, Stream Hatchet gathered the most watched live stream sessions of March. Single streams can often reach millions of hours watched, especially on popular channels. Two Garena Free Fire official channels and xQc generated the top five most watched sessions. Although Twitch often produces top viewership numbers, both the Free Fire channels were from YouTube Gaming. Not only has YouTube Gaming grown in market share, but it has done exceptionally well in mobile game viewership. Because of this, games like Free Fire have seen impressive results on stream. 

On the other hand, xQc has been dominating Twitch. He’s become a variety streamer but his GTA V sessions catapulted him even higher in March. All three of his sessions noted were during GTA V gameplay on the NoPixel RP server. Combine the biggest streamer of 2020 with one of the fastest growing trends in live streaming and it’s a recipe for success.

Moving forward, the top monthly live stream sessions may be more diverse if other big streamers extend their airtime. Additionally, professional leagues like the LCS could find their way to the top during the playoffs. However, every channel will be chasing Free Fire; but will they be able to catch up? The global live streaming market plays to mobile gaming and with YouTube being one of the largest sites for gaming world wide, it may be a difficult hill to climb. 

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