Twitch Subscriptions Increased 55% YoY

Tl;dr: Twitch subscriptions have grown 55% YoY as the live streaming audience continues to grow in 2021!

Twitch subscriptions have seen major growth in the past year. Stream Hatchet estimates that Twitch Prime, a sub tier through an Amazon Prime subscription, had over a 36% increase with 41 million subs. Prime Gaming offers many perks that could attract prospective subscribers. Notably, a free monthly Twitch channel subscription, usable on any partnered or affiliated channel, is a major Twitch Prime perk. This includes access to channel-specific perks like chat access, emoticons, and badges. Loyal viewers who continually return to the platform drive engagement, resulting in a 97% increase in viewership from the previous year.

Going forward, Twitch will likely see more subscriber growth thanks to their recent announcement of local subscription prices beginning in Q3 of this year. Moreover, the cost of subscriptions will reflect the user’s local cost of living instead of a set price. Additionally, this will allow Twitch subscriptions to be more affordable for viewers globally.

Here are some key insights for Twitch subscriptions over the past year:

  • Twitch Prime saw a 36% increase in subs since 2020. Prime’s evolving benefits like exclusive game loot likely appeal to the recent first-time subscribers. 
  • Tier 1 subscriptions saw the biggest increase in March 2021 with 4.9 million subscribers. This growth was largely assisted by Ludwig’s record-breaking subathon that lasted 31 days and made over 1.4 million dollars. 

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