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Understanding Unique & Returning Registered Viewers: A Case on Shroud

Shroud saw a sharp rise in Unique Registered Viewers (URVs) and Returning Registered Viewers (RRVs) in September, largely due to his spotlight on games like Starfield, CSGO, and CS2. He pulled in a remarkable 2.2M URVs and 783K RRVs, placing him as the 2nd top creator in URVs, trailing only KaiCenat during September.

Each live session by Shroud consistently attracted 200K URVs. Diving into the engagement stats, Shroud’s channel clocked 5.5M hours in September, with Starfield claiming 2M and CSGO and CS2 pooling 2.1M. Among these, Starfield and CS2 stood out as September’s hot releases.

The gaming community eagerly awaited Starfield, launched on September 6th, while CS2, revealed in April, built a sudden buzz, peaking with its September 27th release. Shroud’s background as a CSGO pro and diverse content creator naturally aligned him with these games, boosting his viewer stats.

The engagement rate in September hit 5.55%, meaning out of 2.2 million viewers, around 123K chatted actively. This figure signals a deeply engaged audience.

The key to this high engagement was Shroud’s choice of content, especially his featured games. Conversations in chat heavily revolved around these games, with data showing Starfield and CS2 generating 994K and 956K chat messages, respectively.

This trend underscores the potential for deep viewer engagement that creators like Shroud can foster. Having a solid, active community shapes audience perception, pivotal when it involves game or brand promotions on the channel. For instance, Bethesda’s collaboration with Shroud for Starfield’s launch successfully amplified the game’s visibility to roughly 123K engaged viewers.

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