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#Ads of the Week: January 11th – January 17th

Last week’s most watched sponsored content was largely endemic coming from ROG, PlayStation Plus, and Path Of Exile. Streamer xQcOW generated the largest viewership out of the highlighted segments as he was the most watched streamer of 2020. Although these activations were successful enough to appear on #Ads of the Week, none of them were truly unique; only logo slaps, shout outs, and gameplay. These campaigns are safer than trying a different, maybe more engaging approach but 2021 will be the year for big risks to push the boundaries of what’s normal in live streaming and gaming. Look for creative campaigns to appear more frequently in the coming months.


  • xQcOW’s 4 hour stream with ROG reached about 289K hours watched while averaging over 69K viewers!

Squeezie x PlayStation Plus

  • Squeezie teamed up with PlayStation Plus to generate 93K hours watched during a 4 hour sponsored segment.

Maximilian_DOOD x Path Of Exile

  • Maximilian_DOOD’s stream playing Path Of Exile lasted 8 hours producing 79K hours watched in total.

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