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#Ads of the Week: January 4th – January 10th

Last week’s most watched sponsored segments varied dramatically from previous weeks with a vast range of streamers and brands. Atop the list was Grandmaster professional chess player Hikaru Nakamura who recently signed with esports organization TSM as a content creator. His stream was sponsored by Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service. On the other side, streamer and League of Legends caster imls held a sponsored segment in partnership with mobile game Summoners War while AdinRoss teamed with Duelbits for virtual gambling. The #ads are a great mix of both endemic brands cementing their marketing budget in live streaming as well as nonendemic companies exploring the space after increased viewership in 2020.

GMHikaru x Audible

  • Hikaru reached over 107K hours watched with a peak of 31K viewers over the 5 hour sponsored streams.

imls x Summoners War

  • imls streamed for 14.5 hours and generated 73K hours watched but only averaged 5K viewers.

AdinRoss x Duelbits

  • The short 2.5 hour stream from AdinRoss produced 50K hours watched with a peak of 21K viewers.

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