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Fortnite “Big Bang” Shatters Streaming Records: The New Chapter in Digital Entertainment

The recent Fortnite “Big Bang” event has set the live streaming world ablaze, breaking records and redefining what’s possible in digital entertainment. Across major live streaming platforms, Fortnite hit 7.3 million peak viewers, shattering previous records.

The conclusion of Season 27 and “Fortnite OG” not only showcased what’s coming in Fortnite Chapter 5 but also highlighted the game’s growing influence in the pop culture sphere. Featuring a live concert from renowned rapper Eminem, the Fortnite Big Bang event was one of the biggest events in streaming in recent years.

A Glimpse into Fortnite’s Future

The event offered a sneak peek into the upcoming features of Chapter 5: a new map, innovative game mode partnerships, fresh in-game cosmetics, weapon customization options, and revamped gameplay mechanics. 

Of particular note was the introduction of the LEGO Fortnite game mode, set to launch on December 7th, followed by Rocket Racing in association with Psyonix on the 8th. The series of releases culminated with the Harmonix-developed (developer behind Rock Band) Fortnite Festival game mode on December 9th.

Breaking Records and Setting New Standards

Fortnite’s collaboration event captivated audiences and shattered viewership records. The game hit a peak viewership of 7.3M across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Kick, and Facebook Gaming, making it the biggest Fortnite event so far.

On Twitch, the event helped the platform record its third-highest peak viewership ever for a single day, coming in at 6.38 million viewers on December 2. During this peak, over 50% of Twitch viewers were watching Fortnite, an unprecedented statistic.

TheGrefg’s record-breaking 2021 Twitch stream helped the platform reach its second-highest peak with 6.57 million viewers. And Ibai’s La Velada del Año II boxing event in 2022 helped Twitch hit its highest peak ever at 6.75 million viewers.

During the whole weekend, one-third of unique viewers on Twitch tuned into Fortnite streams. Eminem mentions on Twitch reaching 60K on the 2nd alone. Creators streamed just under a million hours of Fortnite between Saturday and Sunday.

For the entire weekend, Fortnite was the most-watched game across Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Kick, and Facebook Gaming with 25.5 million hours watched. It surpassed even the mega-popular Just Chatting Category by over 6 million hours watched.

Metaverse Futures

Fortnite has become the beacon of digital entertainment experiences in pop culture, with content partnerships that go above and beyond what players can imagine. Through Fortnite, Epic Games has created a new channel to deliver content, and what a way they are doing so. Hopefully, this is only the beginning of the endless possibilities this “metaverse” can achieve.

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