Pokémon Twitch Cup 3: The Power of Community

The Pokémon Twitch Cup is over, and the numbers are in, showcasing the dedicated community this event has created. With a staggering 13.8M hours watched, this event wasn’t just a tournament; it was a phenomenon. Peak viewers reached 234K, with an average steady viewership of 61K, indicating a sustained interest throughout the event.

The Pokémon Twitch Cup is one of the most awaited events in the Spanish community. Around 40 Spanish Twitch creators come together in a world full of adventures while they collect their Pokémon roster for the tournament phase. Read more about it:

YouTube’s Replay Power

Taking advantage of our new YouTube VODs analytics tool, videos related to the Pokémon Twitch Cup amassed a remarkable 6.7M views at the time of publication. The community will enjoy reliving the highlights of the Cup, looking forward to the next edition and creating hype.

Illojuan Does It Again for the Pokémon Twitch Cup

Among all the Spanish creators participating, one stood out from the crowd. For the second time in a row, beloved Illojuan captured the attention of the Spanish Twitch community, commanding an impressive average viewership of 70K during the entire event. This achievement not only speaks volumes about Illojuan’s engaging content but also underscores the creator’s influential role in the event’s success. 

The Ripple Effect in Streaming

The Pokémon Twitch Cup’s success story is more than just a collection of statistics; it reveals the potential communities such as the Spanish one can have on live streaming. Furthermore, This event has set a new bar within the industry, illustrating the expansive reach creators and platforms possess when they broadcast content that resonates with a passionate audience.

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