The Last of Us took live streaming by storm in Q1 2023.

The use of video game IP outside of the gaming industry is on the rise, especially in film. We have already seen adaptations from IP’s like Nintendo’s Pokémon, Super Mario, and CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher perform well compared to past gaming adaptations. 

The Last of Us

In our Q1 Video Games Live Streaming Trends Report we took a deeper dive into how HBO’s The Last of Us (TLOU) adaptation affected the live streaming community. The day after the debut of the television series, Twitch chat mentions of the actors and characters in TLOU spiked across the platform. TLOU garnered 1M chat messages and showed a 27% increase in mentions compared to the 2 weeks prior. 

TLOU live streaming viewership had also seen growth from the HBO series. The original games’ viewership saw a 107% increase in hours watched after the debut of the television series. This led to TLOU viewership doubling in Q1 2023 compared to their viewership in Q4 2022.

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