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Top 10 Live Streamers for April

The April streaming scene contained a handful of big esports tournaments such as the first stage of the VALORANT VCT 2024, the PUBG Mobile Global Open 2024 and, rounding out the month, Evo Japan 2024. Despite these big events, the top streamers still remained focused on their fan-favorite content from long-time RP series to regular competitive gaming coverage.

The top 10 live streamers by their average audience throughout April are covered below:


Jynxzi took the #1 spot for another consecutive month, this time with an average minute viewership (AMA) of 79.5K – down 15.5K from March. Despite the drop in viewership, presumably due to a lack of big esports events for the month, Jynxzi’s streak still seems unbreakable. In April, Jynxzi coasted to success with more Rainbow Six Siege content and one viral clip in which he reneged on his deal to pay a viewer $1000 for jumping into a lake.


N3on held steady from last month with an AMA of 65K. The controversial Kick streamer continued to garner views for his dangerous activities in April, this time getting arrested in Dubai for illegally filming and featuring in a car crash clip with reckless driving streamer Squeeze Benz. The latter incident got n3on banned from Kick, but he was surprisingly unbanned just one day later.

Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat moved into the #3 spot for April with an AMA of 60K. Kai Cenat continued his high airtime strategy this month, using his staple IRL content to draw in viewers and feeding off of a feud with Kanye West over joggers to bolster his reputation. In a departure from his IRL content however, Kai Cenat’s 24-hour playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima won over fans, leading to a promise of a marathon Elden Ring stream in the coming weeks.


Caseoh_ is the most consistent Twitch streamer on this list, continuously putting out quality content that foregrounds his gregarious, funny personality. His AMA remained virtually the same from last month, sitting at 59K. Tending to focus more on chats than any particular game, caseoh_ has found his niche in casual titles like Supermarket Simulator and the recently released Rumble Club.


Mellstory lost his status as the top Kick streamer, falling from second place overall last month down to an AMA of 53.5K. As the influx of viewers from his controversial antics has died down, and with the lack of any surprise cameos this month, Mellstroy’s popularity has taken a hit. Towards the end of March, Mellstroy became a meme when his dance to Alexandra Stan’s Mr. Saxobeat was taken and green screened into different contexts – a large part of the reason new viewers found his streams.


Auronplay held steady from March to April, maintaining an AMA of 52K. He continues to evolve his GTA V RP series, rewarding loyal followers with the content they love. But in April, auronplay also expanded out into Merballa Vice II RP, creating a clean slate from which to make new content. His more casual Just Chatting streams also provide a relaxed background for conversations with fans.


Despite taking a break for one week in the middle of April, AdinRoss still managed to enter the top 10 with an AMA of 48K. AdinRoss has been streaming on Kick ever since he was banned from Twitch in 2023, but he is now repenting and asking to be let back onto Twitch. This plea for forgiveness stems from his disapproval of Kick’s controversial community and Kick’s lax regulations (such as the aforementioned one-day ban of n3on).


As a mainstay of the top Twitch streamers, ibai regularly produces quality esports-centric content. In April, Ibai’s AMA dropped from 60K down to 43K, but he maintained his position in the top 10. This month Ibai provided coverage for Kings League, commentating each football game for his fans at home. But the big event was another stream covering the upcoming La Velada del Año IV, featuring a face-to-face meeting of the participating boxers, which brought in 1.1M views on Twitch.


김민교 (Kim Min-kyo) is the first AfreecaTV streamer to break into the top 10 in a long time, coming in with an AMA of 43K. The Korean streamer has been amassing popularity ever since a surge in viewership off the back of the COVID pandemic. Unsurprisingly for an AfreecaTV streamer, 김민교’s top content is League of Legends, but he also plays a variety of other games such as KartRider: Drift.


Rounding out the top 10 is SXB, an Arabic-speaking Kick streamer with an AMA of 41K. SXB used to stream under the name “shongxbong” back on Twitch before leaving the platform a couple of years ago. SXB keeps his content simple, creating GTA V RPs and showing off his FPS skills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. However, under the label of GTA V streams, SXB also plays a variety of other games such as Codenames, Fallout and even some IRL content.

Among the top streamers for April, gaming took back the reins from IRL streaming with far less controversy and a greater focus on events like the La Velada del Año IV. Kai Cenat’s success with Ghost of Tsushima may also reflect a desire from fans to see more wholesome content, with n3on’s ban on Kick helping to reinforce this attitude. Stream Hatchet will see if this trend continues into May and the beginning of summer esports events.

To keep up-to-date with the top creators on streaming platforms, check out Stream Hatchet’s Twitch streamer rankings here:

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