The gaming industry did not hold back on live-streaming for this 1st month of 2024. January was a powerful month with the release of Palworld and many esports leagues starting up in the season. Streamers are fully co-streaming competitions, playing variety games, and playing Palworld; those are the trends among the top 10 by hours watched. 


FPS_shaka leads the ranking with nearly 10M hours watched during January. The Japanese streamer, mainly focused on GTA role play, is seeing high success from his participation in the second edition of the VCR server.


The second spot goes to the popular creator Gaules with 9.6M hours watched, who is among the top streamers from Brazil. Gaules is most known for his coverage of CS2 competitions for an audience that are very engaged with the shooting game.


The 3rd spot goes to one of the top-growing live-streaming creators of 2023, Jynxzi, with 8.9M hours watched. The Rainbow Six Siege streamer hosted several 1v1 tournaments of R6S, bringing in fellow top 10 streamers such as caseoh_ and KaiCenat to participate.


The 4th spot goes to KaiCenat with 7.8M hours watched. Kai’s top stream was when he invited famous rapper 21 Savage to his set-up to play games together in front of 160K peak viewers.

xQc (Kick)

Following KaiCenat is xQc, and the first non-Twitch representative in this ranking. xQc generated 7.1M hours watched on Kick, mainly through his GTA roleplay streams as well as his Just Chatting streams where he reacts to videos and memes his community send him.


Next on the list is Eliasn97, the German sensation with 7M hours watched. Elias hosted the Eligella Minecraft Cup, which saw a prize pool of 40K euros and many German-speaking streamers participating to win the cup.


In the 7th spot we find League of Legends legend loltyler1 with 6.6M hours watched. His fully energized and highly entertaining streams playing his favorite champions on Summoner’s Rift earned him a spot on this ranking.


The 8th goes to caseoh_ with 6.5M hours watched. Another of last year’s revelations finished January on a high note. His widely varied streams and very peculiar personality, as well as his popularity on tiktok got him to where he is now. Caseoh_ played 113 games between November and January.


Ibai is the only Spanish-speaking streamer in this list, but his performance is the usual with many different events on his plate. He is one of the official co-streamers for the LEC, with a special participation of his team Mad Lions KOI in the league. In addition, the Kings and Queens league started up again with his teams Porcinos FC and Porcinas FC fighting their way into the rankings.

加藤純一です (kato_junichi0817)

加藤純一です (kato_junichi0817) takes the 10th spot, and is the second representative from Japan. His main focus seems to be on fighting and action games, with his Street Fighter 6 and Yakuza 0 streams generating the highest viewership for the streamer.

These are the streamers defining the “meta” where most audiences are following the streamer rather than the game. Palworld became a sensation during January, reaching the 6th spot of top games by hours watched with 79M. Regardless of its popularity, none of these streamers actually spent many hours playing the game and decided to keep doing what they do best: entertain, being themselves, setting their own trends and enjoying the streams with their communities.

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