Top Beauty Brands in Twitch Chat (July 2021)

Tl;dr: e.l.f. Cosmetics was the the top mentioned beauty brand across Twitch chats during July.
top beauty brands mentioned across twitch chat in july

In June, Stream Hatchet released our Brands Leading in Gaming and Esports report. Included in the report is how both endemic and non-endemic brands are broadening their reach by marketing on live streaming platforms. Sponsored video game live streams have increased 98%, highlighting a shift away from traditional media channels and into streaming.

One non-endemic brand developing its brand presence in gaming and esports is the beauty and cosmetic industry. Although gaming has traditionally been a male-dominated hobby, a recent study suggests that female gamers currently represent 41 percent of the total in the United States and 40 to 45 percent in Asia. Beauty brands have the perfect opportunity to reach the growing female audience and break the mold of what a typical gamer “looks like” by marketing on live streaming platforms. 

The market for beauty brands within the gaming industry is clearly there, however, the question remains: have beauty companies begun activating successfully? Below, Stream Hatchet outlines three beauty brands that have leveraged live streaming platforms to reach younger audiences. 

e.l.f. Cosmetics

elf cosmetics was the most mentioned beauty brand during July

In May, e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) Cosmetics launched their very own Twitch channel, elfyou. To celebrate the launch, e.l.f. held a three-hour live stream event on May 9th, hosted by gamer/makeup artist Autumn Rhodes featuring Twitch streamers Loserfruit and Fasffy. As a result, the stream generated over 6K hours watched and reached 15K peak viewers. 

Back in 2020, e.l.f. tested their brand on live streaming platforms by partnering with Fortnite streamer Loserfruit. She promoted the brand via a YouTube make-up tutorial featuring e.l.f. makeup artist Anna Bynum. In fact, Loserfruit continues playing a major role on the channel through streaming Fortnite and Just Chatting content every Thursday. Today, e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Twitch channel has amassed 1.5K followers on Twitch. 

In July, e.l.f. generated over 2K chat mentions across Twitch. During that month, the cosmetic brand held giveaways during Twitch streams for e.l.f. products like the Jelly Pop Collection that increased chat engagement.

Colourpop Cosmetics  

Colourpop cosmetics was the second most mentioned beauty brand in twitch chat in july 2021

Colourpop Cosmetics is the G FUEL of the makeup world. They have their pulse on the trends of pop culture and are masters at interweaving it into makeup collections to help generate brand affinity. Their past collaborations with Sailor Moon and Lizzie McGuire both sold out instantly

In January, Colourpop ventured into the video game industry with the release of their Animal Crossing: New Horizons collection. The launch featured 11 new products with shades inspired by Animal Crossing colors and characters. Additionally, players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons were able to visit Colourpop Island. Moreover, the Queens Gaming Collective did an island takeover stream. The stream generated over 1K hours watched with 705 peak viewers. 

Colourpop Cosmetics’ many collection collaborations have helped create long-lasting brand recognition. Colourpop produced 781 Twitch chat mentions through July. 

Benefit Cosmetics 

benefit cosmetics was the third most mentioned beauty brand in twitch chat in july 2021

Following in the footsteps of e.l.f., Benefit Cosmetics launched their own Twitch channel on June 30th, 2021. The channel idea evolved from an earlier version of their “Game On” campaign, in partnership with global esports organization Gen G. This collaboration, exclusively for the US and Australia, included a weekly video series on Benefits’ Instagram and YouTube channels. The videos showcased the beauty routines and stories of four female streamers. 

Benefit’s “Game Face”, the rebranded name for Twitch’s version of “Game On,” is all about “hyping up gamers who want to wear their best Benefit Game Face as they play all day.” To kick off the channel, Benefit hosted a week of streams that began June 21st. Additionally, they partnered with over 20 gamers from all over the world. QuarterJade streamed a “Get Ready With Me” discussing being a female in a male-dominated industry. The stream achieved over 5K hours watched and 3K peak viewers. 

Benefit Cosmetics’ continuation of its “Game Face” campaign is paying off. Benefit Cosmetics generated 663 Twitch chat mentions during July.


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