Headphones are a staple in both the gaming and live streaming space across all types of creators. Many influencers incorporate a gaming headset or a pair of luxury headphones into their live streaming setup during their broadcast. Additionally, gaming headset brands often sponsor the top esports leagues and teams to wear their headsets and get major logo presence across hundreds of hours of broadcasts. 

Top Brands

EPOS audio had the most exposures in live streaming for December holding a 26.3% logo presence share among all other audio brands on Twitch. EPOS Audio provides audio solutions for both the gaming and enterprising spaces. The company was once known as Sennheiser Communications but after a joint venture with the Demant Group, EPOS was formed. EPOS has benefited from their partnership with the Blast Premier tournament organizer which has generated the majority of their impressions. 

Partnering with major esports teams and events are one of the most popular ways to activate in live streaming. When there is a strong culture around an esport, a brand can see more impressions from just the original live broadcast. They also benefit from all of the co-streamers, VODs, and clips that are posted from the top moments of the event, increasing overall total impressions.

JBL was the #2 headphone brand in December with a 15.7% logo presence share compared to all other audio brands. JBL is an audio equipment manufacturer based in the United States that makes audio equipment for both casual consumers and professionals in the music industry. In December JBL hosted an esports tournament called the JBL Quantum Cup where gamers will compete in both Apex Legends and Fortnite for a total prize pool of $200,000. 

Organized events like the Quantum Cup are a great way to introduce hardcore gamers to your product. If you are planning to launch or update a new product, having an event like this is a quick way to activate your target audience and leave a long lasting impression on them. 

Jaybird was the #3 headphone brand in live streaming for December with a 4.8% Logo Presence share. Jaybird is a subsidiary of Logitech that is mostly known for their wireless bluetooth sports headsets. In December, 99% of Jaybird’s logo presence was generated by Portuguese speaking streamer StereOnline who is also a Logitech partner. 

Long lasting partnerships with influencers is a great way to build community around your brand. Very similar to how certain families are a “Pepsi Family” or “Coca-Cola Family” when viewers who have no previous attachment to a brand in your industry, see that your brand supports their creator, it creates consumer loyalty between them and your brand. 

Sennheiser is the #4 headphone brand on Twitch with a logo presence share of 4.6% compared to other audio brands. Sennhiser has had detections across 30 different categories, but most noticeably in Just Chatting, Pokémon, Europa Universalis IV, and ASMR which generates 50% of total share for Sennheiser.

Bose was the #5 most popular headphone brand based on logo presence share in live streaming generating 2.5% presence share among all audio brands. Bose’s headphones were primarily shown in the Just Chatting category and ASMR category with each generating 30% and 24% of the total logo presence share respectively.

Logo Presence vs Chat Mentions

Although brands Like Bose and Sennheiser have a lower logo presence in live streaming, they generate some of the most chat mentions of any brand on the list. Bose had the most chat mentinos with 67K mentions in December. Not far behind them was JBL with 55.9K. These brands have been able to increase chat activity by having a major impact on the audience by leveraging their strong branding and memorable activations. 

On the other hand brands like EPOS, Jaybird, and Sennheiser have less chat mentions due to having more passive activations in the streaming space by using banners and overlays. Having a passive strategy might not be great for getting consumers to engage with your brand, but it is a good way to increase brand awareness.  

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