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Most Watched Live Streaming Categories: Jan 25 – 31

Most watched live streaming categories: Jan 25 - 31, 2021

Last week’s most popular live streaming categories was once again led by Just Chatting. The Twitch-specific category broadened its lead over League of Legends and eclipsed the 60M hours watched mark. Not only did it lead in overall viewership but also in peak viewers with about 939K. The growth of content outside of gaming appearing on streaming platforms is a big reason for the category’s continued growth; combined with the increased popularity live streaming has seen over the past year.

League of Legends in second place shouldn’t be a surprise now that the LCS, LEC, and the other leagues are in full swing. The League of Legends viewership will slowly climb throughout the two seasonal splits and eventually reach its pinnacle during Worlds 2021. Placing third is GTA V after beating out Fortnite by a slim margin. Rockstar Games’ 2013 release still generates content via new updates, creative users, and various modified resource packs for unique gameplay. New games often create initial hype but the true test of time is prolonged and engaging content for an extended lifecycle.

Be sure to check back in next week for the latest rankings of the most watched live streaming categories!

Top Growing Titles:

  • FIFA 21 jumped from #12 to #9 last week resulting in a 36% increase in hours watched to reach over 21M in total.
  • Garena Free Fire catapulted back into the top ten with over 36M hours watched, a 31% growth WoW.
  • VALORANT secured the last spot in the top ten with 18M hours watched after climbing 21%.

Top Declining Titles:

  • League of Legends fell just 5% but maintained 48M hours watched as the current season ebbs and flows with weekly matchups.
  • PUBG Mobile was the only other title to decline last week at 2% down to 27M hours watched.

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