Global Viewership Dominates Top Peak Streams

Tl;dr: Six out of the top ten peak streams between December 7th - December 13th came from non-English channels.

This week, Stream Hatchet analyzes the top streams based on peak viewers. Live streaming sites like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming have a large global presence creating a diverse community on the platforms. Of the top ten peak streams last week, six of them came from non-English speaking channels like NOBRU and TheDonato. While a large portion of viewership on North American streaming sites come from English channels, it would be remiss to ignore the impact the other channels have had. As live streaming continues to become more accessible across the world, larger non-English channels may be perfect for brands to partner with to maintain a global presence. 

  • NOBRU held two of the top five peak streams last week – one on Twitch and one on YouTube Gaming as the streamer often uses both platforms to broadcast.
  • An even split of Twitch and YouTube Gaming channels created the top ten list but oftentimes YouTube Gaming generates a higher peak than Twitch.
  • Streamer tommyinnit reached the highest average viewer count of the streams listed with over 189K viewers across 12 hours of airtime!