Halloween and Live Streaming: Fueling the Horror Games Genre

The intersection of Halloween and the world of gaming and live streaming has seen significant growth in recent years. October, renowned for its spooky ambiance, becomes a focal point for gamers and streamers, leading to a growth of horror-themed content that captivates global audiences.

Horror games, with their unique ability to immerse players in thrilling and spine-chilling narratives, rise in popularity during this period. Dead By Daylight achieved 18M Hours Watched, becoming the top horror game of the month. The surprise here is Alan Wake 2, since it was released on October 27th, made it to the 2nd place with 4.7M Hours Watched 4 days before Halloween. We have already covered Alan Wake 2 in this blog post.

Twitch has noted an uptick in Halloween-centric activities. Tags such as “Horror” and “Halloween” experience heightened usage during October, growing 17% and 159% respectively, directing viewers to relevant content. This increase suggests a marked preference among users to engage with content themed around this holiday.

The charm of horror games, especially during the Halloween season, is manifold. While the immersive experience of navigating through terrifying narratives is a primary draw, the communal aspect of live streaming amplifies the experience. Viewers engage collectively, sharing reactions in real-time, leading to an enhanced sense of community and shared experience.

Furthermore, October’s gaming streams have fostered a sense of community. This collective journey through spine-tingling narratives and intense gameplay sequences fosters a unique bond among community members. The YouTube channel EIKO!GO!! (狩野英孝【公式チャンネル】EIKO!GO!!) consistently dominates the scene with its AMA (Average Minute Audience) of 18K compared to streamers across all platforms. Its impressive engagement numbers in the horror category and specific games attest to its popularity and the effectiveness of its content.

The synergy between Halloween and live streaming underscores the dynamic nature of the gaming world and its adaptability to global cultural events. As October’s end approaches, the gaming and streaming communities find themselves enriched by the vast array of content and the shared experiences this season brings.

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