Twitch Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to the Most Popular Live-Streaming Platform

For new entrants to the live-streaming arena, the sheer mass of information can be overwhelming. Platforms, streamers, gaming titles, variety content – with so many interesting trends emerging, evolving, and fading at the lightspeed rate of online discourse, it can be hard to separate what’s important. To help you demystify this industry, we’re covering the basics of the most popular live-streaming platform: Twitch.What is Twitch exactly? Twitch is a video live-streaming platform that focuses on video game content, but Twitch streamers produce a wide variety of content from vlogs to music to talk shows to artwork. The Twitch audience is composed of gamers, travelers, esports fans, musicians, and creatives – a diverse online community that acts as its own social media site. Through their bonds with Twitch streamers, viewers decide what games they should play, what places they should visit, and what hobbies they should adopt.As such, advertising your product on Twitch is a fantastic way of reaching a mass, devoted audience. Understanding the platform means understanding how best to reach that audience.