Stream Hatchet offers live streaming data analytics solutions to video game publishers, marketing & influencer agencies, esports organizations, brands, and companies leveraging products or services across the gaming and esports industry.


Stream Hatchet’s business intelligence products enable unrivaled insight into the gaming and esports live streaming industry. With a variety of custom tools, the web dashboards allow unique data manipulation at minute-level granularity and years of historical data across 20 of the top streaming platforms


Stream Hatchet’s reporting solutions leverage tailored insights to provide detailed analysis of campaigns, opportunity exploration, and more.
Our reporting is designed to assist data-driven decisions as we provide clarity, analysis, and perspective for each solution.


Stream Hatchet offers access to our API as a way to build your own solutions using our data.
Offering a complete set of endpoints, run unique queries to aggregate and evaluate custom data sets that satisfy your team’s needs.
The API solutions allow the integration of massive amounts of reliable data into your applications.


Stream Hatchet offers world-class consulting services aimed to generate creative solutions for the esports and game streaming markets. Our unique position standing between unmatched data and industry expertise gives rise to exceptional insights.
Whether it’s diving into a market overview, developing implementation strategies, or using our data better understand KPIs, Stream Hatchet is the complete package for all things streaming in esports and gaming.